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Winners defy supersition in classic day one racing at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

Despite grey skies and showers, it was a busy and colourful start to Audi Hamilton Island Race Week with a record 252 yachts across 14 divisions sent on their way for a 22-nautical mile race around Lindeman Island and back,

Record entries, and more exciting sailing, for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2016

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2016 has broken into exciting new territory with the number of entries surging past 227 – the highest number in the regatta’s spectacular 33-year history.

That's All Folks!


Notice to Competitors - Race Seven - Now Available!


CMS - Race Day 6 - At the Business End


Notice to Competitors - Race Six - Now Available!


2016 Club Marine Keelboat Series Presentations - Register Now!

Register your attendance for the 2016 Club Marine Series Presentations!

CMS - Race Day 5 - Efforts Sharpen for Upcoming End of Club Marine


Notice to Competitors - Race Five - Now Available!


Club Marine Series continues with first race day of 2016


Notice to Competitors - Race Four - Now Available!


CMS - Race Day 3: Quality racing showcased to city

Port Phillip Bay was lit with a spectrum of coloured sails as Day 3 of the Club Marine Series and the annual ISAF Sailing World Cup – Melbourne both took hold of St Kilda.

Notice to Competitors - Race Three - Now Available!

The Notice to Competitors is NOW AVAILABLE for Race Number 3!

CMS - Race Day 2: Port Phillip Bay Delivers Top Racing

Race Day Two of the Club Marine Series saw the regatta increased by 12 boats to 117 entries across the Blue and White series.

Notice to Competitors - Race Two - Now Available!

Currently there are 115 boats registered for the White and Blue Series combined! The next race is scheduled for this Saturday, 7th November hosted by Hobsons Bay Yacht Club.

ENTER NOW! Hobsons Bay Yacht Club - Host of Race 2!

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club are hosting Race 2 of the Club Marine Keelboat Series on Saturday the 7th November.

AMS Rating Results for Club Marine Series

Have you been keeping up to date with the AMS results?

CMS - Race Day 1: Sun, Smiles and Sails!

The Club Marine Series is well known for filling Port Phillip Bay with a sea of sails and smiles.

Notice to Competitors - Race One - Now Available!

The Club Marine Series kicks off this Saturday the 10th October!

Entry Process Easier Than Ever!

The entry process for the 2015 Club Marine Series has never been easier with event organisers creating a central location of information to assist with registering for this annual regatta.

NOR Now Available!

The 2015/16 Series Notice of Race went live today, 10th September 2015, for the seven races held near monthly from the 10th October to the 9th April. Both white and blue divisions compete on the same days but enjoy separate race courses.

Club Marine Series - The Video

Way back in the early 90s, David LeRoy effectively created the Range Series single-handedly.

PPWCS Presentations - With serious clout!

Leo Eeckman and her new home – Melbourne.
As if you need another reason to be at the PPWCS Presentations this Friday at Royal Brighton...

Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – L and V

Georgia Warren-Myers was third at the last Hobie 14 World Championships and the first ever female to be on the podium. Here she demonstrates great paddling skills too!
Apart from defining a certain set of wind conditions, light and variable, these two letters also form part of one of the world’s most used words.

Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Prince Charming

Who’s going to smash the piñata?
You simply cannot argue about it anymore. Hughie, the God of Wind, is male and he did himself no favours with the ladies today, proffering up a charming 30+ knot Sou’wester.

Association Cup – Oh Brittney…

Association Cup
Oh yes. Oops they did it again. The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (Royals) has won the 2015 Association Cup

Club Marine Series – Excellent: smiles, cyclone relief and a proud sponsor.

Mrs Overnewton marches into the bottom mark.
Just like a great white wine, it was crisp and dry. Courtesy of an Autumnal 12-15 knot Southerly, it was served with only a touch of chill that you only recognised when you were in the shade.

Finale - NTC for Round Seven

Crew of Mille Sabords
One race and then off to the bar! WoooooHoooooooooooo

Come to the party!

Club Marine Series Presentations are at RBYC immediately after racing...

Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Bump n’ Grind

Damage to the transom of Endeavour III after the J24 did not get their run to the start correct.
The Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) hosted today’s third round of the 2015 Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series (PPWCS). Sensational Autumnal weather greeted the crews that had turned out for the Women In Sailing Challenge, which is usually a set of sprint races.

Club Marine Series – 33,000 feet and still soaring.

Way2Go – only this isn’t!
Since the early 2000’s, the penultimate round of Melbourne’s Club Marine Series has been all about supporting kids with cancer. Specifically, it is about assisting both them and their families through a very challenging time.

Keeping Cancer at Bay - NTC for R6

Recycled Reputation and that start!
Two Races for all White Divisions are slated again for this Saturday and you are supporting cancer charities - good work team!

Club Marine Series – Forget 50. Try warm and cool.

Hard at work on the Diamond, Rough Cut.
Alas, one could only be talking about grey. So the former is that book and now film, and the latter refers to a section of the Pantone® Matching System for colours.

Round Five NTC now available!!!

Archimedes - Dump the brace and the halyard and you should get the kite down the for’ard hatch. Easier to go back upwind that way…
Round Five of the CMS this Saturday 28/2/15. Two races for all. Div 0/1 look for new, larger SYC Committee Vessel - the Steber 44, Endeavour IV.

Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Ladies v ships, barges and tugs

The little Bluebird known as Drambuie.
Conducted right up the top of Port Phillip in the area known as Hobsons Bay, there was always a chance of a good spectator crowd, even if the fleet size was smaller than the opening round. Cruise ships, car carriers, barges and tugs all were in operation in this busy segment of the watery expanse known in Melbourne simply as, The Bay.

Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series – Love a Southerly

Frenzy and the blimp.
Bobbing around when you’re meant to be racing is never a lot of fun. Even when you’re bathed in sunshine at the picturesque Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (RMYS) in St Kilda, at the top of Melbourne’s Port Phillip, you can think of a million things that would be better.

Club Marine Series – Swimming in it

When you’re good, you can afford to take a bit of break. Ikon show us how with a floating table for the chips and extra cans.
After a long hiatus for the busy Christmas period, there was many a joyous crew out on Melbourne’s Port Phillip today. Literally, they were swimming in it. As you can see from the pics, some were even doing so very creatively. Providing there even is such a thing…

Club Marine Series - NTC for Round Four

More Noise ahead of her larger sister, Absolut.
Two Races for all White Divisions this Saturday you lucky things!!! Make sure you tell the significant other or be really, really, really good that morning!

Club Marine Series – You just have to love him.

Phil Simpfendorfer’s Veloce is quick for her 44 feet.
Yes. Huey does have a heart. Well, at least that’s exactly what the God of Wind wants you to think of him. Almost in spite, or was it redemption, he turned on a bright, sunny and warm 25˚C day with consistent Sou’souwesters of 10-15knots. Most could remember, but probably chose to forget Round Two back at the beginning of the November, which was blown out.

Get me that drink and the NTC for Round 3!

Crew of Mille Sabords
Yes. It may well have been a while since that last drink, but Round Three of the 2014/15 CMS offers two races as way to get back into the groove of things.

The promise at Melbourne's Club Marine Series

Nothing’s better than someone keeping his or her promise. You can rely on them and simply go about getting the job done with a minimum of fuss. So imagine then, if you will, something that had all started so well. Daylight savings had kicked in. A freezing Winter had concluded. There had even been a whole swag of 25+degree days to be enjoyed.

Life's a tweet indeed!

Jazz Player
Yep. Life is a treat and a tweet too! Follow @cmseries and and join the conversation via #cmseries

2014 Lipton Cup Regatta

Entries are now open for the regatta, which will be contested over the weekend of Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November on the Northern waters of Port Phillip.

Entries open for the 2014-15 Club Marine Series

XLR8, Addiction and Ikon with a windsurfer as well.
Just like the sirens from the Blue and Whites as they go roaring off to an emergency, it is time to alert you all to the impending 2014/15 Club Marine Series. As per the previous season, you can choose to race one or all of the seven event day series and as some have shown, mix it up between Blue and White Divisions, depending on your crew. Notices of Race available NOW!

Royal win at Association Cup

The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria win the Association Cup...

2014 Association Cup

Jason Close has got White Noise marching well.
The 2014 Association Cup is on this Sunday, April 13. See which craft are making up the teams from RYCV, RMYS, RBYC and SYC by going checking in here. Once racing begins, you'll also be able to get the results...

Champagne for everyone at the Club Marine Series.

Certainly there was champagne for the winners of the Club Marine Series that concluded on Melbourne’s Port Phillip yesterday. Yet it was everyone that was able to enjoy the bubbles, as it were, for the proverbial champagne sailing was delivered by virtue of the light breezes, flat water and abundant sunshine.

One with the lot at the Club Marine Series.

Tigris took time out to go krill fishing.
There was a time when burgers came from small shops at your local shopping strip, and one with the lot really was a hefty piece of work. There was a kind of classic Melbourne day to be had by those partaking in Round Six of the annual Club Marine Series on Port Phillip. It had everything from beaming and strong sunshine, gusty Northerly winds, to far too ominous clouds...

Toilets, Bunks and Galleys - Cat 4 Amendment to YA Special Regulations

An Amendment to YA Special Regulations makes it easier and cheaper for boats to race in Cat 4

Two halves do not make the whole at the Club Marine Series.

Normally, 20 plus 20 would make 40 – happily. However, dividing 40 into 20˚C and 20knots from the South is definitely not the same thing. The inverse proportionality between the last two rounds of the Club Marine Series could not have been more profound. Personally, this scribe will take the 40˚C and light, often vague breezes from any number of directions. Frustrating - perhaps. Challenging - yes

Bring it on at the Club Marine Series.

Div 0 and 1 Start
The forecast had been very clear. It was going to be light and variable on Melbourne’s Port Phillip for Round Four of the Club Marine Series. Reading on, you saw that the BoM also offered an afternoon sea breeze and thank goodness for that. Even at midday, when the mercury had already started its inexorable climb to 40˚C, the Bay had as many holes in it as some of Switzerland’s finest dairy

CMS Blue - Amended NoR and SIs

Yes. Fleet starts, the use of kites and new courses for CMS Division Blue are now part of the 2014 component of the season. You can enter the lot or one at a time. These include new courses around the sticks for Rounds Four and Seven, as well as mini passage races from RMYS to RBYC for Round Five and RBYC to RMYS for Round Six.

Sunshine brings out the adrenalin at the Club Marine Series

Race Officer, Tim Wagland, had asked for some warmth after the previous round of Melbourne’s Club Marine Series. He sort of got it with today’s Round Three of the 2013/14 event.

One Up

Ah yes, but oh what exactly do I hear you ask?

If you've been reading these pages over the years you'll know I am never a fan of trying to tell you what the weather's going to be, but I can tell you it is one race for everyone on Saturday.

What's happening in the UK?

Sam Haines was out on White Noise having a look and preparing some ideas for offshore sails for Jason Close. Of course that's just part of it and Sam was out on the intervening weekend doing the 5o5 State Title, so there is always something going on in the UK.

And the winner is....

Racing is but a few days away in Round Two of the 2013/14 CMS and we already have our first winner!!!

The Boys and Girls in Blue

EeeAwww, Eee Awwww, EeeAwwww....

Here it comes. Not the Divvy Van.... The Division Blue Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are now available and online entry is up, too.

Dorothy Dicks

In thanking Sam and Liz Haines for the UK Sailmakers prize for Round One of the 2013/14 Club Marine Series, Luke Reinehr ends up getting the nod from us for his outstanding reply. So as Warner Wolf used to say, 'Let's go to the videotape!

Moguls at the Club Marine Series

The bumps were pretty decent and always capped with the fresh white stuff skiers adore. It was even cold enough to be the snow season, with the wind chill making it feel quite nasty, actually.

Sécurité, sécurité, sécurité.

Be advised that the PRO, David LeRoy, will be making a determination regarding the impending weather window at 1000hrs Saturday November 9, 2013.

Who gives a Gill?

Well we certainly do. Wonderful sponsor in Paul Schulz and the team, and it seems the $300 Gill vouchers have become quite the ticket.

Teri-a-Vision 13.1

The magnificent Teri Dodds gives us more of a look in to what she sees when she comes out on the water with us, as part of the award winning Club Marine Series media team.

Blue Note.

Let's Jazz the 20132/14 Club Marine Series up a little, shall we....

The Division Blue Notice of Race is now available and online entry is up, too.

Narrow range at the Club Marine Series.

Just about everything operated in a small window. The waves were 1 to 1.5m, it was either freezing or just plain cold and a gap of sunshine was about as adventurous as it got before the tiny icicles returned to have you tugging at your collar once more. Thankfully, the breeze was also operating in a tight range – casual to fresh and even then, it barely spent any real time at the upper marker.

Attenzione Marinai

The weather won't be as bad as this
NTC for Round One of the 2103/14 CMS has been released.

Blue is for Go!!!

Normally you'd think green was for go, but in our case it is BLUE. Division Blue is a go!!!

Nota Bene

So the SIs for the 2013-14 Club Marine Series have just been published, which you can get HERE. NB - Prep guns to fire at 1155hrs for Div0 and 1325hrs for Divs1 and 2 with 3 shortly thereafter...
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